How to make baked Paneer Tomato Tikka Skewers in few easy steps

Paneer Tomato Tikka -KTT-THUBNAIL_450_250

Tiffin Snack Recipes should be tasty as well as healthy that your kids love to eat, a child usually loves to eat Chinese food which is made up of Schezwan which involves a lot of spicy taste. So try to make snacks which are healthy for your kids and perfect for your kid’s tiffin box. Paneer Tomato Tikka is the best tiffin recipe for kids which are made with a combination of Paneer and kissan sweet and spicy sauce which is packed with protein-rich paneer marinated with kissan which gives the dish an authentic taste to the dish.

Kissan Tiffin Timetable Recipes


Kissan Tiffin Timetable recipes for kid’s tiffin snack recipes which are easy to make at home with the added flavour kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the authentic taste to the healthy tiffin recipes for school. Tiffin recipe for kids is tasty as well as healthy which is made from veggies and spices as normally your refuse to eat. There are many tiffin snacks recipes you can try at home to make your child excited and satisfied the entire day. Kids tummy are small so it is different for them to eat entire tiffin, so why can’t we try to make less food but healthy for them.