Corn and Spinach Tikki Recipe

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Corn and Spinach Tikki is a tiffin recipe for kids made with the healthy and tasty corn and spinach with the added flavour of kissan tomato ketchup. It is an easy to make recipe which is rich in folate and vitamins of spinach. It is a tasty as well as healthy tiffin recipe for kids as normally they refuse to eat; the tangy essence of kissan tomato ketchup which is made with 100% real tomatoes are loved by your kids and perfect for your kid’s tiffin box.

Chickpeas Cutlets Recipe

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Tiffin Recipe for Kids should be tasty as well as healthy snack recipes that your kids enjoy eating, there are many Kid’s tiffin recipes which are prepared within 15 – 20 minutes with few ingredients. Tiffin snack recipes should be healthy with added vegetables which are good for health as normally they refuse to eat. If you are wondering what to pack for your kids, so here I am going to share today a recipes which are made up of chickpeas, veggies and kissan tomato ketchup which gives a dish a flavourful combo of tangy tomato which is wrapped in a crispy sesame seeds chickpeas cutlet infused with an authentic burst of tomato, it is perfect mid-day meal to keep your little rockstar energetic.

How to make Oats Dabeli in few easy steps

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Dabeli is a popular street food originated in Kutch, it is also known as “Kutchi Dabeli” or “Double Roti”. It is an easy snacks recipe made with spicy tomato mixture combined with onion, garlic chutney and meetha chutney, spiced masala peanut fruit like pomegranates and served in a masala pav. There are healthy snacks recipes but this recipe is packed with healthy vegetable covered in fibre- rich oats added with the delightful flavour of kissan sweet and spicy sauce. Kid’s tiffin recipes should to unique and yummy that your kid’s loves to eat and recipes are added with the flavour of kissan tomato ketchup which is easy snacks recipe and perfect for kids tiffin box. There are Indian snack recipes which are a well famous street food of all- time, but dabeli today is dabeli today is famous not only in Kutch and Gujarat but also throughout Maharashtra.

Whole wheat Honey Noodles Recipe

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Wondering what to pack for your kid’s tiffin box, as your child loves to eat Chinese food, so try to make Chinese food in your way, so that your child is also happy as well you too. There are many tiffin snack recipes that your child love to eat. Healthy Tiffin Recipe which is made with whole wheat honey noodles recipe which is made with the goodness of rice and mushroom paired with noodles, topped with a sumptuous combo of sweet honey and tangy kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the authentic tastes to the dish.