Arancini Balls Recipe in few easy steps

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Wondering what to pack for your kid’s tiffin box, no worries kissan tiffin timetable has many tiffin recipes which are a perfect recipe for school tiffin. Kids usually love to eat Chinese food and outdoor snacks recipes which is unhealthy for them. So why should we try to make those healthy snack recipes which are tasty as well as healthy for them? Arancini Balls are a great recipe made by Chef Rashmi Naik with the added flavour of kissan sweet and spicy sauce is the perfect blend of healthy vegetable. These are perfect to have for evening snacks recipe which is made with the goodness of brown rice with the scintillating taste of the sauce which is going to tickle your child taste buds.

Amazing Spinach Dumplings Recipe in few easy steps

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If you are wondering what should is perfect for your kid’s lunch box, so no need to worry kissan tiffin timetable has shared school lunch box ideas which are not only tasty but also a healthy recipe for school tiffin. Amazing Spinach dumpling recipe in few easy steps by Chef Rashmi Naik with are made with the goodness of spinach, paneer and veggies with the flavour of kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the yumminess to the dish and I am sure your family will love to eat. There are many easy snacks recipe and every snack’ are made with few ingredients which go according to your tastes buds.

Chef Varun Inamdar


Chef Varun Inamdar is a simple guy’ as he does want to become a chef, he is now a well – known chef and has enjoyed his journey to eventually becoming a chef and having its own brand of luxury chocolates. Tiffin Expert Varun Inamdar is an Indian Chef who propagates chocolate as a luxury lifestyle ingredient in patisserie and savoury cuisines.

Chef Shagun Mehra

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Chef Shagun Mehra is a great chef which known everything there is to know about good food, and why wouldn’t she, having studied at Ecole Les Roches in Switzerland following a stint at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, she’s got the know how we need, to create the perfect Tiffin. Tiffin expert Shagun Mehra to pursue a career in food, India Food Network has spoken to the talented chef about her food philosopher and inspiration. Now she got to know that how to create innovative and tasty tiffin recipe for kids.

Chef Neha Mathur

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Chef Neha Mathur is a creative person which takes challenges to create new, healthy and delightful recipes for your kid’s tiffin. Her Tiffin recipes are not only tasty but also healthy that your kids love to eat as they refuse to eat veggies. So this is a fantastic way to make your kids eat healthy food with the innovative recipes by tiffin expert Neha Mathur. In Kissan Tiffin Timetable food websites she shares her tiffin recipe keeping in minds that kids love the recipes and bring back their tiffin empty.

Chef Ajay Chopra


Chef Ajay Chopra is an Indian Chef and the most popular cooking competition show MasterChef does not need any introduction. Ajay co-hosted and judged MasterChef India Season 1 and 2 with other premium chefs. Tiffin Expert Ajay Chopra provides us with the tiffin recipe which is not only tasty but also healthy for my kid’s. Now, this modern Indian chef is going to show you how to pack the perfect Tiffin for your child.

Chef Shipra Khanna


Chef Shipra Khanna is popular for her cooking style as she is a winner of Master Chef India 2 and also an author of a book “SUPER FOODS FOR AWESOME MEMORY”. She was interested in cooking at her young age of 9; she develops her innovative and unique coking after her marriage. She is a great Indian chef and now she has her own restaurant and Now, this multi-talented maven of food is going to help you create the perfect dishes for your child’s tiffin. There are many tiffin experts in Kissan Tiffin Timetable but Chef Shipra Khanna is well specialized in global cuisine, Indian baking, dessert and fusion foods. There are many tiffin recipes shared by her are loved by everyone and perfect for kid’s tiffin recipe.

Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay


Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay holds a culinary diploma in ICIF in Italy and has also been trained at Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. There are many tiffin experts in Kissan Tiffin Timetable but Pallavi Nigam is a food columnist for the Times of Oman. Chef Pallavi Nigam shares delicious and healthy tiffin recipe for kid’s tiffin box.

Chef Nandita Iyer

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Chef Nandita Iyer is a well-known chef which has expertise in cooking; she uses to make healthy tiffin recipes for kids as they normally refuse to eat healthy food. There are many tiffin experts but Chef Nandita Iyer is also a medical doctor by qualification with a specialization in nutrition. There are many kid’s tiffin recipes which helps us to make tiffin recipe that will keep your child nutritious and feel healthy entire day.

Chef Monika Manchanda

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Chef Monika Manchanda is a multi-talented Chef which had first cooking experience at the age of 6 or 7 when she used to cook with her mom. There are many Tiffin expert in Kissan Tiffin Timetable but Monika Manchanda is a well-known Master Chef of Indian Cuisine. Chef Monika Manchanda’s tiffin recipe is not only tasty but also healthy for my family; she is also a food consultant and writer baker and culinary trainer. She provides yummy kid’s tiffin recipe which is made within a few minutes and perfect for my kid’s tiffin box and they love to eat and crave for more and more. Now she is using all her skills to make more innovative and unique dishes to your family.