Singapore Curry Snacky Oats








Singapore style Oats is an easy and healthy snack with the tangy flavour of Singapore Chinese Cuisine.  Desi Chinese Singapore Curry Snacky Oats is a delightful and tasty snack that people prefer to eat for a breakfast meal.

Schezwan Snacky Oats


Schezwan Snacky Oats is a vegetarian product which is prepared within few minutes. It is a delicious and healthy Schezwan oats which everyone loves to eat. It is a delicious and tasty breakfast meal. Chinese style Schezwan Snacky Oats is a simple and healthy dish.

Hail Strom in Navi Mumbai Busted.


Due to cyclone okchi many videos are getting Viral relating Conditions of Mumbai, One such video is a Hail Strom Video Featuring condition of Navi Mumbai due to Cyclone Okchi. Boom Live has made a excellent Investigation to find truth behind the viral video, and came to a conclusion that video featuring as Hail Strom of Navi Mumbai is fake and belongs to Hail Strom of Istanbul.

Old Tornado Video From Sri Lanka Shared As Cyclone Ockhi

Today’s news is about global news stories which was old Tornado Video from Sri Lanka shared as is making social media. In 17 min and 31 second video. The visual from old video play for nearly  4 min at the beginning. In this video voice was alteast 2 mens can heard speaking in Tamil and Sinhalese. Not just news channels claiming it was recent. While the video was uploaded by an individual user. As now news channels have rely on particular audio and visuals in clues.

10 Foods that you can swap for Eggs

10 Veg delicious and tasty recipe which people prefer to eat as a breakfast, lunch or as a dinner meal. There are some different types of veg recipe which does not contain egg. It is not only tasty but also healthy veg recipes that almost all vegetarian people will love to eat .i.e. is tomato omelets go the Gujarati way and use substitute egg and nearly as tasty. Paneer bhurji is as look as anda bhurji so use paneer instead of egg it is also feel great to taste and people will love to eat and there are many different types of recipes without egg also taste yummy and delightful that also non- vegetarian people will also love to eat.


Semolina Berry Halwa Recipe

Semolina Berry halwa recipe is a delicious and tasty recipe. It is an easy and quick recipe with the flavor of Kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the delightful taste of the dish. It is not tasty but also healthy berry halwa recipe for tiffin that your child will love to eat and share with his friends. It a best veg semolina recipe that almost all vegetarian people will love to eat.