How to make veg skewers in easy steps

Veg Skewers-KTT-THUBNAIL-ROUND-2_450_250

Veg skewers are an innovative way to make your kids feel happy which are made with the goodness of veggies and with an assortment of spices which is also healthy for your child. It is one of the best veg starter recipes which are an easy to make recipe which is made within 10 minutes. It is one of the amazing snacks recipes in which kissan sweet & spicy sauce acts as the main ingredient and brings out the flavour together to bolster the flavour of the dish. It is tasty as well as healthy snack recipes as usually your refuse to eat veggies, so this recipe brings the authentic taste to the dish that your child crave for more and more. There are different types Indian snack recipes but this veg skewers recipe is the unique dish which is made with your choice veggies and spicy which goes according to your tastes buds.


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