Sweet and Sour Noodles Recipe

Sweet and sour noodles with veggies and peanuts_RECIPES_THUMBNAIL_450_250

There are many Snacks recipe but noodles are one recipe which is loved by your kids and perfect for kids tiffin box. So, here I am sharing sweet and sour noodles which are made with the goodness of veggies and exciting peanut. It is an easy and quick recipe which can be made at home with the added healthy ingredient and kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the authentic tastes of the dish. This sweet and sour noodles recipe is also perfect to have any time of the day with the added flavour of Chinese Sauces which definitely creates the magic by adding its unique flavour to the dish.

Sweet and sour noodles make a delightful and yummy plate of vegetarian noodles which is tasty as well as healthy for your kid’s and they will love to eat and crave for more and more; there are many different recipes to make noodles and each noodle have its own method of preparation; sweet and sour noodles are prepared within 10min which is also easy and great for bachelors to make at home with easily available ingredient and perfect for the meal. It is the best recipe for kids which contain vegetables as your kid’s refuse to eat, it is simple and delicious veg recipe, it is a homemade veg noodles recipe and not the kinds that we get in a restaurant and street side Indo Chinese Stalls.

This version of veg noodles neither spicy nor hot but tastes good, with the added flavour of spicy chilli sauces it brings out the little spiciness to the dish and the veggies can be your choice. It is a great dish for a quick dinner idea for weeknights; you can make it faster than it would take to drive to your local Chinese takeaway. It is a yummy noodle which surely fulfils you’re hungry and you and your family will enjoy. You can even make it more delightful by adding up your favourite ingredients and sauces and make it your own recipe which goes according to your tastes buds, usually, when we are hungry we prefer to have something very healthy and tasty and also that recipe does not take much to prepare. So, I prefer to have sweet and sour noodle goes perfectly with your list.

Sweet and sour noodles recipe is made with a lot of veggies and thick Chinese noodles soak up the delicious sauce. This sweet, sour and a little spicy, these noodle bowls are a lightning fast dinner that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Non-veg noodles also taste delighted as it tastes spicy, hot and also most of the people love non- veg recipe, but veg recipes also taste delicious if it is neither spicy nor hot but it tastes delightful. Veg noodles are also better than non-veg noodles as you can add vegetables and healthy ingredient that is very good for your health as non- veg contains lots of oil and fat that people can only prefer to eat only once.

For healthy and tasty sweet and sour noodles recipe: Visit: https://indiafoodnetwork.in/kissantiffintimetable/recipe/sweet-sour-noodles-with-veggies-and-peanuts


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