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Chef Rashmi Naik

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Chef Rashmi Naik is a working mother, she uses to cook for her child, there are many tiffin experts but Rashmi Naik is well known for its innovative insights on recipes for kids cooking for her kids. Kissan Tiffin Timetable shares kid’s tiffin recipe that kids love to eat. She makes the best combination of healthy and yummy always. There are many recipes which are perfect for evening snacks as well as for breakfast meal and I am sure that your family will love to eat.

Chef Saee Koranne – Khandekar


Saee Koranne is a traditional chef which provides old dishes in an innovative way which is not only tasty but also healthy for your kids. There are many tiffin recipes from Chef Saee Koranne comes up with versatile recipes for your little rockstar with traditional touch in it. Kissan Tiffin TimeTable has many tiffin experts which have its own style of preparing the dish but Saee Koranne follows the same traditional dishes with the added ingredients that make the dish more innovative and unique for your family.

Chef Amrita Raichand

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Chef Amrita Raichand is a super mom and super Chef which shares an easy and tasty tiffin recipe for your child. Tiffin Expert Amrita Raichand is an actress and also a very well-known chef who provides tasty as well as healthy kids tiffin recipe. Shares her journey from her hometown all the way to tinsel town, sharing the secrets and stories behind her favourite recipes. She shared snacks which are perfect to have for your tiffin and breakfast meal which are healthy for your family and tasty that they crave for more.

Chef Vicky Ratnani

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Chef Vicky Ratnani is a great Indian Chef which provides tasty and yummy tiffin recipe that your child feels special during every tiffin hours. Tiffin Expert Vicky Ratnani shared some tiffin recipe for your kids which is not only tasty but also the healthy recipe. Kid’s tiffin recipe should be innovative and unique that your kids love to eat and crave for more and more. It is hard working and genius when it comes to food, he provides an easy and quick recipe that even bachelor can make at home.

Kissan Tiffin Experts


Kissan Tiffin Experts are those which provide us with the tasty and healthy tiffin recipes for your kids as normally your kids refuse to eat. There are different types of snacks as well as breakfast recipes which are prepared within a few minutes. Tiffin Experts Amrita Raichand, Vicky Ratnani, Saee Koranne, Rashmi Naik and many more which provides us with the yummy and delightful innovative and unique snacks recipes which are perfect for your kid’s tiffin box. These chef guide you to make tasty as well as healthy tiffin recipe.

Kissan Tiffin Tales


Kissan Tiffin stories which provide us with the easy and quick chef’s food stories which are sharing the tasty and healthy tiffin recipes for your little rockstar. Food stories which help to make tiffin recipes which are also perfect for your breakfast meal, and while we enjoyed the lazy mornings and extra time for much-needed shut-eye, decadent days and hours of fun, the fact is school days give us back our much-needed routine and a sense of purpose. It is a relief from the melt-downs, sibling fist fights, precious hours spend fretting and fuming over amounts of time spent in front of screens, organizing playdates and all that jazz.

Kissan Tiffin Timetable Recipes


Kissan Tiffin Timetable recipes for kid’s tiffin snack recipes which are easy to make at home with the added flavour kissan tomato ketchup which brings out the authentic taste to the healthy tiffin recipes for school. Tiffin recipe for kids is tasty as well as healthy which is made from veggies and spices as normally your refuse to eat. There are many tiffin snacks recipes you can try at home to make your child excited and satisfied the entire day. Kids tummy are small so it is different for them to eat entire tiffin, so why can’t we try to make less food but healthy for them.