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8 benefits of coffee you didn’t know about


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans which are the seeds of berries from the coffee plant. Coffee is a tasty as well healthy drink which is people usually has a cup of coffee to start our day. Coffee drink recipe is an energy booster drink which is a most important thing in the morning for millions of people worldwide. It is an easy and quick cold coffee recipe. Here are 8 benefits of coffee you didn’t know about. Now we all know that anything in excess is usually bad for us. But four cups of coffee a day could work magic on your system in a number of ways.

India restaurant that have stood the test of time


An Iconic restaurant in India that have a part of a collective memory over the year through the length and breadth of the country. These restaurants that have been attracting people from all walks of the life. Here are 10 Indian restaurants that have stood the test of time. Only forts and palaces might make it to the UNESCO’s classification of ‘heritage sites’ but as far as we are concerned, restaurants are no less monumental. Some of these shrines of good food, drinks and conversations date back to a time when India wasn’t even independent.

Desserts So Easy Even your Kids Can Make Them!


Summer is where so people are craved to eat ice cream, Fruit custard and many more. Dessert is a confectionary course that concludes the main meal. The course usually consists of sweet food. Here is some dessert recipe that even your kids can prepare at home. Working with colourful, aromatic ingredients and then being allowed to gobble up the final result can be a wonderful pass-time for children. And who knows, it might be the first step to chef-stardom! So here are some child-friendly recipes that your kids can try without worrying about nicking their fingers or setting the kitchen on fire (but of course, do supervise them at least intermittently).

5 Mango desserts to beat the Monday blues


Monday blues describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the work week. Monday morning is a headache morning after a wonderful weekend so to make your Monday morning refreshing and happy; here are 5 mango dessert recipes which you can try at home. Mango dessert is a delicious fruit dessert recipe which is loved by everyone. It is tasty as well as a healthy dessert recipe.

10 Superstitions Indian Have About Food


Superstitions are a pejorative term is a deviation of religious feeling and of the practices this feeling imposes. There have been a number of beliefs and superstitions that had been followed through ages with or without logic. Food Superstitions are about food which is believed by all around the world. Take a look at these 10 common food superstitions and tell us you haven’t practised at least one of them!

10 Must Visit Food Museums in the World


Museums are an institution cares for a collection artefact and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific importance. As I am foodie’s person so I think like to do research about food museums. There are numerous food museums dedicated to culinary history across the world. Food museums are a part of the emerging food heritage movement. Museums of food help to learn more the about the history of some of the most the world’s most famous food. Here are 10 food museums in the world you much should visit.

Recreate Favourite Fast Foods At Home


Fast Food is loved by everyone not only kids but also adult are also craved to eat fast food which aren’t healthy. However, if you make them at home, you’ll have a greater control on the ingredients, portion size and cooking method. Fast food is mass – produced food which is prepared and served quickly. Fast food is tasty and yummy compared to what we make at home. So, here are ten popular Fast food recipes that you can recreate at home without much fuss.